Mark E.

I have known Ed Della Monica for approximately six years. I first met him when he performed some home maintenance work for me, and we later became good friends.

I have a very large home in Almaden Valley that is approximately 20 years old, which has needed a number of remodeling and maintenance projects over the past few years. Ed has done both interior and exterior work on my home. Among other things, he was involved in the design and replacement of a gutter system, bathroom repair and upgrading, and redwood fencing. For jobs that he and his crew were not able to do, he has referred me to other appropriate contractors and suppliers.

Unlike so many contractors and installers I have dealt with on other projects, Ed always showed up when he said he would be there, he communicated with me frequently while the job was in progress, and he provided me with a weekly itemized billing statement that showered hourly billing for his crew and the cost of materials. Ed is very knowledgeable about all aspects of home remodeling and maintenance. If he cannot do the job, he has a wealth of knowledge about who can get the job done.

Based upon my experience, I can highly recommend Ed Della Monica. I was satisfied with the quality and timeliness of his work. He was very helpful in providing information to assist in making decisions, and he clearly cares about the quality of his work.

Jane R.

Dear Eddie,

I wanted to express my heart-felt gratitude towards you and your crew for the outstanding working you performed at 2305 Bear Canyon Road. I was under a time crunch for getting the property fixed up to be ready to put on the market and you came to my rescue! Not only did you fix the long list on the original estimate, but finished a large deck and countless other addons as well, finishing all the jobs in the same amount of time. But what I really couldn’t believe was that your final bill was for LESS than the original estimate! I have been telling everyone that you must be an Angel sent straight from heaven, because I can scarcely believe you are real.

The work was all performed very well and you have such amazing versatility to tackle any project that needs to be done — carpentry, roof work, plumbing and electric, and sheetrock.

Be blessed as you bless your customers!

Jane R.

Maureen C.

This is a letter of reference for Edward Della Monica. We met Ed over 12 years ago when we hired him to replace our old windows with double-paned ones throughout our home. At that time he also updated the outside “look” of our house by adding new window trim and re-doing the stucco finish. We were very happy with the end result and we appreciated the professional manner that Ed brough to the job.

Over the years we have re-hired Ed to help us with multiple projects around the house. Last year, in a timely fashion, he added a shower to a small half bathroom and made it accessible for my 80 year old mother. This was helpful as my mother became ill and had to move in with us on very short notice. We were very pleased with the “new” bathroom.

Most recently, Ed upgraded the rest of our home. He added recessed lighting to both our front room and our kitchen. He replaced all the old bedroom doors and door frames and replaced the front door and frame with a modern, high quality door. He trimmed out all our rooms adding 3 inch baseboard trim and 2 inch trim around the windows and sliding glass doors. He tore out our old (ugly) brich fireplace and replaced it with slate and a hand-made mante. Ed helped us with the painting and all the finishing touches.

I am pleased to recommend Ed Della Monica for jobs well done. He stays on task, keeps to the budget and is a nice guy!

Allison H.

My husband and I have done many home improvement projects ourselves and on larger projects we hired contractors to do the some of the work. My husband and I recently wanted to add a room addition for our daughters but knew we did not have the time to do it ourselves and needed some help. A neighbor recommended Ed Della Monica so we had him over and explained what we wanted to do. I used a computer software program to draw up the plans and Ed offered many useful ideas, which were implemented in the final project. The work Ed and his guy’s did was better than any contractor we had hired in the past. What my husband and I really liked about working with Ed and his team was that the more we participated in the projected the more we learned and also the more money we saved. Our per square foot price was about $50.

John D.

This is in reference to the quality of work by Ed Della Monica, President of UB The GC. A short time ago, UBGC was hired to do a complete remodeling of my house, at the above address. From the very beginning, Ed and his associates worked diligently, doing everything that was asked of them, and in a timely fashion. They took great pride and care in their work, and I received many compliments from neighbors during the course of construction.

One of the major benefits of working with UBGC is that they do not charge your typical contractor wages and fees, which can save you literally thousands of dollars. They also take pride in the selection of their various sub-contractors. Each one maintains the same level of quality and care in their various trades. I am very pleased to have had UBGC to work with on such an arduous and time-consuming project. After watching them turn a 40-year-old house into [a] modern showpiece, I couldn’t imagine hiring anyone else for the job, or any other job in the future.

Robert F.

Ed Della Monica managed our residential remodel project, which lasted from August through November, 2004. Our home is a two-story, conventional home in south Palo Alto. The project’s purpose was to enable us to live completely downstairs by enlarging the den to maek a master bedroom, enlarging the half bathroom to make a master bathroom, and to add about 50 sq. fat. at the front to create a new guest bathroom. Additional work was done in order to take advantage of access created by the demolition and construction, for example replacing the 40 year old iron plumbing with copper plumbing, replacing the furnace ducts, and replacing all the single pane windows.

The main reason we decided to hired Ed rather than the other two builders we interviewed was that he was far more constructive in offering ideas that we had not considered. That continued throughout the project, convincing us it was important to Ed that we be satisfied with the results. Ed seemed to have no problem with us doing things differently than what he might have done, making it easy to work with him.

Ed brought in subcontractors for specialized construction activities, for example the electrician, plumber, roofer, etc. He insisted that they do high quality work, and made them return sometimes to fix inadequate work. He coordinated his work with theirs very well. We hired some specialists also, for example floor covering installers, cabinet builder, and window supplier, and he cooperated well with them.

Ed spent time with us every Friday planning the next week or two so that we would know what to expect and what decisions he would need from us. throughout the project we were never surprised by a construction activity. Even the one week we needed to live elsewhere, while the plumbing was being completely replaced, was planned well in advance. He made sure that at the end of each day, we would be able to use the home’s basic facilities.

Ed worked on a time and materials basis, rather than for a fixed price, and his first estimate of the project cost was quite accurate. This helped us plan financially.

We are pleased with the results and glad that we hired Ed to manage the project.

Michael and Sharon J.

I am writing to tell you about a wonderful contractor named Edward Della Monica. He impressed us with his personal commitment and his ability to bring in good subcontractors who did speedy and excellent work.

After my husband had been unemployed for two years we decided that we had to sell our home and move to a less expensive piece of property. We found a beautiful piece of property with two cabins connected by one large room. There was no central heating, the pipes were rotting, there was no wiring for computers, etc. The windows were nearly 80 years old. There was a brick wall in the living room with a big pot belly stove. For a cabin, it was great, but not for our home.

We interviewed and subsequently hired Eddie. He was the most impressive contractor that has ever worked with us. He went far beyond what most contractors do. He and his people were here early and stayed late, especially if we were working on a deadline. We had shared our financial bind with him and he got us the best deals around. He would hunt for windows and doors himself to make sure they were right and a good buy. He would send his workmen to pick up the materials if we were unavailable to do so.

Eddie is totally trustworthy. He does what he says he’s going to do in a timely manner.

He is honest and listens to your needs. Eddie’s people skills are phenomenal. All the subcontractors have a great respect for him and enjoy working with him. Eddie also stays in contact with you. If you call him, he really gets back to you as soon as he can (in our experience this is practically unheard of in the contracting business). We highly recommend Eddie for any type of construction that you may have in mind.

Nima H.

I purchase a house in April of 2004 (Los Altos, CA) and I conducted a aseries of remodeling/upgrades. I used Ed Della Monica as my main contractor. He removed walls, raised ceiling, installed doors, windows, installed sound system, remodeled my kitchen and my master bathroom. I am very happy with his work because:

He was very prompt and always delivered on the dates he promised! (very important aspect to me)
He was within the budget he quoted me. He actually finished below the quoted price, and as a result I gave him many more project to do.
He managed his subcontractors well and ensured that they did finish their job within the allocated time

Larry and Trina L.

Ed Della Monica and his crew have done a great job of remodeling two of the bathrooms in our house. In addition, they refinished the floors, painted the house inside and out, and replaced our old galvanized plumbing with copper plumbing.

Ed and his crew showed the highest professionalism and skill in doing our job. We will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Sergio F.

I would highly recommend Edward Della Monica for any home repair or remodeling work. I have had Edward work on two of my houses and have been very happy with his professionalism during and after the jobs, and the results of his work.

The most recent work he has performed for us involved installing wood flooring in approximately 1,000 sq. ft. in our current house. He gave us a flat quote for the floor, with the note that any extra work would be billed at an hourly rate. When he had install support structures underneath the house due to a warped floor, he had us pre-approve the extra effort, and kept us informed of the progress throughout the whole process.

Other work he has performed for us consisted of adding custom cabinetry and lighting to our previous home. This included contracting out cabinetry construction and electrical wiring. We are also very happy with the caliber of people he recommends when contracting out work.

I would not hesitate to call on him for my next home improvement project.

Michele D.

Dear Eddie:

Thank you for helping us out by getting rid of those bolts on our patio. The kid’s birthday party was a success. Everyone was able to enjoy sitting around the back yard and didn’t have to worry about the kid’s hurting themselves.

I really appreciate your willingness to fit some of our small tasks into your busy schedule. So many others just disappear after the big projects are done. But big or small, you’ve always come through for us. You can be sure we’ll be calling you again for our next big project!

Michele D.

Suzanne D.

Ed Della Monica was referred to me in the summer of 1998 when I was considering turning my 250 sq. ft. attic into liveable space. With his creative and resourceful ideas and his meticulous and professional work, he created a beautiful, cozy loft that looked like original architecture instead of an addition. Details included installation of new lighting and ceiling fan, creative storage space and closet, decorative wood treatments and a spectacular circular staircase.

Ed is hardworking, responsible and trustworthy. In addition, he worked patiently within my multi-year timeframe and budget to eventually bring an idea to life. He is currently working on a few small projects for me and I look forward to seeing his beautiful, finished work.

I highly recommend Ed Della Monica to anyone looking for a builder or woodworker. Not only will you experience a first-rate, excellent builder, moreover, you may possibly gain a new friend.

Don E.

In 1994, I had my home renovated and I had Edward Della Monica do a complete marble bath, marble fire place, a granite kitchen counter and back splash and tile my second bathroom.

The result demonstrated his skill as a dedicated craftsman. He also displayed a professional demeanor with his efficiency and attention to detail. My home won first place in Better Homes and Gardens in November 1995, thanks to the help from Ed.

I plan to use Ed in the future and highly recommend his work and ability for any project you may have.