Ed Della Monica has over 35 years of construction experience that includes custom home improvements and restorations, acting as foreman for commercial and residential buildings, and project/production management of community projects totaling $4.7 million in work. He started U.B. the G.C. in 2002 to help homeowners improve their homes while maintaining affordable costs. The quality and commitment of U.B. The G.C. has allowed homeowners throughout San Jose and the surrounding area to achieve their dream homes.

Specializing in carpentry, tile, cabinetry, and experienced in blueprints, layout, roofing, concrete, taping, siding, AC/Heating, and more, U.B. The G.C. can help you with your home construction projects by incorporating your personal needs into a professional project. U.B. The G.C. has a proven record of reliability, dependability, and consistency with transparent billing that stays within budget.

Sidewalk Safety

U.B. The G.C. is proud to announce its new division, Sidewalk Safety. Sidewalk Safety specializes in correcting damaged sidewalks with an environmentally-friendly method of reusing your existing blocks. This reduces waste and helps lower the cost to fix your sidewalks.

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